Sollathaan Ninaikkirain

SEASON 1 & 2

Sollathaan Ninaikkirain is a high profile talk show about prominent people of the Singapore Indian Arena. Fronted by the, 3time Pradhana Award winner, Hayma Malini, Sollathaan Ninaikkirain, promises not only laughter and banter, but also seriousness and tear jerking emotional moments.

Ex NMP Viswa Sadasivan appears for the 1sttime on a Tamil Talk show via this program. MDIS Chairman Dr Theyvendran, IMN Editor S A Nathan, Narpani Peravai’s Chairman, Thiru are some of the VIPs in this series. Apart from these VIPs, inspiring individuals are also featured!

We have seen these people as strong and sometimes beyond emotions. However, in this series of Sollathaan Ninaikkirain, audiences will travel and trace the lives of these prominent figures. Audience will for the first time, will hear their trials and tribulations exposing the emotional side of these prominent people. Quite a few of tear jerking moments! Shocking, yet honest truths are shared by the interviewees (guests).

Endrendrum Punnagai 


Endrendrum Punnagai was the debut program of Rambutan Media Works which garnered almost 4 times the target and earned a TRP rating of 15% for a Sunday evening show and went on to season II.  Endrenrum Punnagai was a 26 part entertaining variety concept that was a staple for both young and old audiences.  Banter, light hearted conversations, latest songs, comedy scenes and participation of audiences “live” and online via new media, stringed together with a popular, talented and witty host were part of this winning formula called “Endendrum Punnagai”.​

KONDAATTAM!Life is a celebration! In life we celebrate a lot of personal events, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, the passing of driving, good results, etc. We also celebrate events and festivals in groups! Sometimes we celebrate events that transcend different race and religions, e.g Christmas, National Day, New Year, etc. We celebrate them with our own traditions in our own homes. However, KONDAATTAM is going to unite all and have a massive celebration in their own homes with oneness! 


Kondaattam is going to be a Vasantham celebration that is going to capture moments of joy, shed light into similar festivals around the world, share the unity of a Singaporean celebration, and in line with our food paradise distinction, share a totally Singaporean recipe and on top of that, infuse music that is exclusive for that festival.  

Kondaattam is going to be an engaging,magazine styled programme with a stimulating and vibrant treatment, specially designed to capture the feel of the holiday festivities:- Hari Raya Haji, Christmas, New Year and Pongal. Kondaattam is a program that combinesentertaining features, reports, music spots etc. linked by a presenter.This will be a 4 part series of half hour duration per episode and will be different from the present formats of host links, footage and more host links. 

Kondaattam is going to be the best combination of a travelogue, a cookery show, with a reality based live interviews of Singaporeans, variety and info-ed program with lots of laughter, banter and colour!

Music, Merriment and food complete any celebration and in line with that the program will also have a brief recipe and cooking session.



MediaCorp Vasantham has introduced a pilot drama competition: 5 different dramas with 5 different genres. Watch them on Toggle and vote for your favourite online or wait till they are broadcast on Vasantham channel on Fridays at 10pm. One pilot drama a week. You can watch all episodes and vote for your favourite pilot episode on ​toggle.sg/vasmuthalpaarvai​ from 1 March.

My personal favourite is Aasai. It is a realistic portrayal of marriages and the challenges that come with it. It's not your usual mother-in-law and daughter-in-law fiasco but more about husband and wife relationships. It's about money issues, it's about intimacy issues, it's about one's own desires. Its raw and in your face facts about marriages and relationship. It is about toxic marriages and about taken for granted relationships. The songs will play in your mind even after you have watched it. The scenes will resonate with you or the people you know.

Hayma Malini together with Venkat Ramani are the story creators and Hayma Malini has done the Screenplay and dialogues in this drama. Don Aravind has directed it.

The drama unfolds with stellar performances by Yugendran, Yuvina, Guna, Vikneswary Se, Samantha Kalaivani, Mark Sara, Thavanesan and debutants Ruby Jayaseelan and Pritikha Sankaranathan & Aayana Elamaran.